Meeting the Challenges of a Complex World

(Lawrence, P. & Moore, A. (2018). Coaching in three dimensions. Meeting the challenges of a complex world. Routledge Oxon)

by Malcolm Nicholson (UK)

I have to put my cards on the table straight away and say I am mightily impressed by the thinking in Lawrence & Moore’s book. For me, so much resonated. They have created thinking that leapfrogs the development offered by most coaching organisations and allows coaching to step up to add the value that is required by organisations, reflecting the complexity and unrelenting change with which most organisations are struggling. How can coaches add value to people who are having to constantly learn, adapt and be creative as well as do their day job if coaches themselves are following a well worn path?

They push the boundaries of accepted wisdom around what coaching is, encouraging creativity and new approaches. How many coaching authorities will look at a group coaching scenario and ask ‘What model of coaching will work best for this group? Dialogic coaches are more likely to encourage the group to explicitly question and review its own model for coaching than they are to hold the group to account to the version of coaching presented. Heresy?’

Some business books can be a chapter masquerading as a book (get one idea and pad it out). The ideas and concepts discussed are developed throughout the book and the authors shine different lights from different perspectives throughout.

They build from an examination of the traditional approach to coaching – (Goal orientated style) through to dialogic approach and then a systemic approach.

Source: iCN Issue 23  (Coaching Tools, Tips & Techniques); pages 17-19

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