by Terri Levine (USA)

Many coaches tell me that coaching is about selling people into a coaching service where the client does all the work to accomplish their goals. I used to believe that was true. In fact, I was taught that nearly twenty years ago when I entered the industry.  I started my coaching business with this belief. I was offering coaching and expecting my client family members to achieve the results they hired me for and yet many of them were failing. I quickly became frustrated because I care and my client family members matter to me and I want them to get the outcomes they hire me for. I realised that expecting my client family members to get outcomes and results and to achieve their goals only happened when both of us committed to the coaching relationship and did the work required to achieve the results desired.  I realised that the best coaching tool I had was to create results for my client family members by shifting the way I delivered coaching to them.

My definition of coaching went from helping people to discover their own answers to my belief that effective coaching is giving people direction in an area where the coach has some expertise.  I believe I have been a very effective coach because my definition of coaching is based on helping people get the results they want by using my coaching skills and my coaching tool kit combined with my own knowledge and experience. When I shifted to sharing my expertise with my client family members instead of believing they had all the answers, that yielded huge results for my client family members. I realised that when people invest in coaching they want outcomes and not only to feel good and to be motivated and inspired.

Source: iCN Issue 23  (Coaching Tools, Tips & Techniques); pages 14-16

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