by Alina Tudorache (Romania)


Have you ever needed  you and your life partner to scan your heart, your emotions, analyse your passions and set a smile on your face, thinking of what you can do together, engaged in a common life project? Desires? Biggest dreams? Most hidden passions?  Your value system as a couple  can achieve all and even more!

With over 5,000 hours and nearly 12 years of coaching, training, supervision of coaching and training, and mentorship experience, I am familiar with numerous coaching practices. And along these years I have seen many couples who attended my sessions and had the interest to function together, generate their own business, travel and have more time for themselves to enjoy life and a greater purpose than financial revenues. It was then when I have noticed that many ideas those couples had before coming to my coaching sessions were still a huge dream for at least one of them. For the other partner, this might have become from a burning desire a far away dream. Some of these couples felt desolated and lost their hope of not having enough resources to even start their financial project.

A few years ago I knew for sure that these entrepreneurial couples will block their energy for their wishes, not because they lack motivation, merely because they are not receiving the right instruments to work with a strategic approach towards their aspirations. So I have created the first NLP Coaching program for entrepreneurial couples – Secret Tactics for Entrepreneurial Couples – NLP Mind Hacks©.

Solution – Reshaping Couple Dynamics

I have designed a unique NLP Entrepreneurial Coaching Program for co-preneurial, co-professionals and co-executive couples who are on their way to owning or partnering in their ventures. For these couples there is a thin line between work and personal life. The program has been delivered in international summits, interviews and can be found as an online course as well.

Source: iCN Issue 24  (Relationship Coaching); pages 36-38

About Alina Tudorache

Alina Tudorache is an NLP Business trainer, coach and author. She has designed and delivered premium NLP Business training and coaching over the last 12 years. Alina is also known for her Life coaching as she had the honour of guiding and supporting thousands of socially conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, counsellors, companies, and purpose driven service professionals. Over the past 4 years she has offered practical coaching directly to individuals through platforms such as Mobe Marketplace and Udemy, where she is a premium instructor.

She now holds an honourable place on the global NLP Leaderboard by creating, implementing and receiving a great feedback with the NLP Business strategies: Secret Tactics for Entrepreneurial Couples – NLP Mind Hacks©, Strategic Wealth Generator – Premium NLP Program Level 1©, Organisational Entities©, NLP Says Business©, Repatterning Trust©, Creativity Waves©, Corporate Strategies for Top Management©, NLP Generator for Professionals©.

She recently become an accredited life coach on Authentic Happiness and she’s ready to give more to the world!