By Michael Ringrose (Ireland)

Coaching is a growth industry. There is an enormous supply of Consultants, Advisors, Mentors, and even, “Coaches” who are now readily available, it would appear, to take you and your business, soaring to unimaginable heights, on the road to success.

Secret Pathways to Wealth

There is a wide variety of personas engaged in this business.  Most of them, especially those engaged in promoting instant wealth through online home business activities, seem to share a fairly turbulent background fraught with experiences of having to work as a waiter, or car-attendant or such-like in order to sustain their existence. Then along comes, “Mr Right” and after sharing a coffee or beer, Mr. Rights reveals the secrets of gaining enormous and instant wealth and offers an opportunity to join the party.

Promulgating material about “The Secrets” of Online Business Markets, or “Secrets” about how multi-millionaires accrued their wealth is also a growth industry. It makes one wonder how there can be any secrets left to reveal. Truth is, of course, there are no secrets to be revealed in this area. Business practices, the good and the bad, the successful and the failures are well documented. The success factors are relatively easily recognised and identified. Similarly, the causes of failure are well chronicled. Yet, by the hundreds and thousands, individuals rush to get the last offer, before, as the seller warns, the offer is taken off the market, never to be repeated.

Source: iCN Issue 5 (Leadership Coaching); pages 79-80