By Alex Khrapov (Switzerland)

There are many reasons why the coaching profession is so attractive. Few careers allow you to be totally mobile, modern technology allows you to work with clients across the globe. As a coach you can set your own fees and gain control of your financial independence. You can choose your own clients and work with them wherever and whenever you want to.

There are so many markets that need coaches: individuals, companies, groups, teams in multiple variations and many areas of business and self-development. However, the idea of an open market where you can work with any type of client can be the downfall of many coaching school graduates.

Let’s see how the majority of coaching courses’ graduates get themselves trapped in a set of beliefs that often prevents them from business success.

Source: iCN Issue 7 (Relationship Coaching); pages 51-52

About Alex Khrapov

Founder of Headway Coaching Group, Alex Khrapov, is a certified coach (PCC, ICF) and certified Master Trainer (ATD).

Born in northern Russia, Alex has lived and worked throughout his home country, in Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, Brazil, and Spain. A scientist and highly disciplined learner at heart, Alex trained originally as a nuclear scientist and martial arts Olympian. Always self-employed, with 25 years of experience in business start ups he first learned about business by creating and running his own enterprises in retail, international trade and manufacturing before finding his true passion career in coaching and training.

Since 2007, he’s been serving others in the coaching field and founded Headway Coaching Group dedicating his creative energy and business attention to transforming coaching practices into thriving businesses.