By: Caroline Taylor (United Kingdom)


Executive Coaching is primarily concerned with improving organisation capability through focused development of individuals. This almost always involves a change in behaviour. So, why, when readiness for change is such a central tenet of good Organisation Development practice, does this aspect get neglected at the “softer” end of OD initiatives?

Poor preparation of coachees is one of the most common weaknesses in coaching activities. It is often the most costly, especially when it results in a poor match. In today’s climate, maximising return from coaching programmes is a pressing priority.

Where coachees are unprepared there are several likely results:

  • Coaches spend valuable and often chargeable time preparing the client.
  • Clients may come to coaching with a degree of uncertainty and suspicion.
  • Some coaches, well briefed by the organisation, find that the client has not had the same information. This creates an undesirable “messenger” role for the coach.

Source: iCN Issue 11 (Executive Coaching); pages 13-15