By Gary R. Gasaway (USA)

Coaching is the essence of knowing the strengths of the individual and then identifying the limitations to improve that individual to be the best they can possibly be. Coaching is a co-creative partnership. There is no true authority figure – just the client and I working together for more joy and happiness in life. It’s truly inspiring the client to transform unwanted conflict to achieve positive solutions.

As a certified professional life coach, I see myself as a co-pilot. By guiding my client (the pilot), I am there by their side to coach them; but at the same time, hold them accountable as they are in charge of living (flying the plane) their life. Because the client is in charge of their life, they also direct their own destiny with me by their side.

Source: iCN Issue 17  (Life Coaching: The Power to Change Peoples Lives); pages 55-56

About Gary R. Gasaway

Certified Professional Life Coach, Coach Training Alliance (CTA), accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF). As a retired manager from the Southern California Edison Company, Gary used his natural talent for coaching and became a “corporate coach.” During his over 31 years with the company, he designed and developed several coaching courses and workshops that he facilitated to hundreds of supervisors and managers throughout the company. Gary also authored weekly coaching articles: The Coach’s Notes that were distributed throughout the company. He had published his first book: The Coach’s Chronicles: A Journey Through Life’s Trials and Triumphs and currently preparing for the release of the second book: The Coach’s Chronicles 2: It’s Your Story! Start Writing It!