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What does the Complete Coach look like?

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By Gail Morgan (United Kingdom) What is the most overlooked ‘missing piece’ when helping individuals with confidence and achievement goals? (Particularly when coaching on public speaking nerves, interview technique &/or self-assurance in the workplace.) It is how the individual presents themselves. We are probably all familiar with, and no doubt

Finding Your Unique Style

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By Robert Holmes (Australia) Just how important is it to find your unique style? In the world of peacocks and tuna fish, it’s life and death. The male has to stand out against the crowd! In the highly competitive environment of coaching, it is important for us to find our

Coaching: My Style

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By Ashutosh Tewari (India) Is Style Important? Coaching is the medium through which the coach ‘self – actuates’ his/her client into forward movement towards their agenda. Just as each client is unique and special, so is the coaching style. A coach may have a unique style or he may

Style builds self – confidence

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By Irina Toma (Romania) 1 step, 1 rule and 1 exercise on building self-confidence with Style Why not start with Coco Chanel saying: “Fashion fades, while style is eternal”? With these words began my journey towards Personal Style and Image Coaching. As time went by I have met many