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Developing Your Sales Skills

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By Laureen Quick (USA) For most people in business, sales is a word fraught with emotional contradictions. We love it when we close a sale and we hate it when we have to “do” sales.   And yet sales is simply an interactive process that involves seven key steps and

Your Customer is NOT Always Right!

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By Ken Keis (Canada) Definition of Opinion: A view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter; belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge; a formal expression of judgment Yes, there are times when our clients have concerns to which we need to respond,

Case Study – Coaching in the Workplace

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By Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom) The following article is taken from an interview between Malcolm Nicholson and Martin Brommell, Sales Excellence Coach with BT in the UK. Martin was previously a sales manager in BT, an ideal background for his current role. The world is being transformed by communications.

Coaching sells – as long as you let it do its job

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By Martin Goodyer (United Kingdom) Effort 99 Requirement 98 = Happiness. Effort 99 Requirement 100 = Misery Trained salespeople may already have 99%of what it takes but when a sales needs 100%, it’s just not enough Selling has got a bad reputation and that’s a shame. Most sales interactions


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By Barbara J. Cormack (France) Coaching is a people industry and it’s true when they say that ‘people buy from people’. Not only being involved in gathering research material about business; I work with a number of small businesses and I run lectures for people who either want to

Sales Coaching: Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Coach

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By Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom) The economies of most of the western world are now firmly on the road to recovery. Sales professionals need to adapt to cope with the volatile circumstances that their customers are facing. How does coaching fit in with this? Successful businesses the need to