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Marriage Coaching and Active Listening The Most Difficult Component of Effective Relationship Coaching

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By Alan & Autumn Ray (USA) Marriage coaching is niche coaching in that the client is really the relationship.  It is more complicated than individual coaching because it involves an intimate relationship where misunderstandings push emotional hot buttons and make effective communication much more difficult.  Effective marriage coaches are


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By Joe Abraham (USA) One of my favourite sayings [author unknown] goes as follows. “The best thing about business is people. The worst thing about business is people.” Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll find yourself nodding in agreement. Relationships can be the most energizing (and)

Recreating Romance

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By Samantha Krajina (Australia) Ideally, when women think of romance, they think of the knight in shining armour bearing roses and chocolates. When you think about it, it is a very high expectation set of men and an immense pressure to get it right. When men think of romance,

My Relationship with Myself: The Most Essential Personal Relationship

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By Zornitsa Stefanova (Bulgaria) My relationship with myself, everyone’s relationship with himself – the most wonderful, challenging, fulfilling, and powerful and far too often the most disregarded personal relationship of all. Some years ago I became aware that it is of utmost importance for me as a coach to