Dynamics and Mechanics in NLP Coaching

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Alina Tudorache (Romania) Starting point ‘A vehicle can successfully reach its destination by having a functional characteristic, enough fuel and being driven with clarity, purpose, passion, on the most fit road for its capacity. ‘ Eliciting serves both the NLP coach and the coachee In NLP coaching, the dynamics

Reprogramming Using Reflection Connection

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Gary Gasaway (USA) Much of my practice as a life coach is working and guiding my clients to attain their ‘life goals’. These life goals are really just everyday responsibilities: family and relationships, money and finances, career and business, spiritual and education, health and well-being, and enjoyment and fulfilment.

4 Essentials of Effective Communication

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Anne Bachrach (USA) Learning how to communicate effectively is crucial to the survival of your business; unfortunately, there’s no other way to cut it.  If you approach people too casually, don’t take the time to communicate clear information, or don’t appear cordial, you are risking the success of your

How Coaching Expands and Enhances Leaders’ Capacity

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Maria Biquet (Greece) As a Coach I work with high level Executives and Entrepreneurs in developing their skills, abilities and behaviours to match the complex requirements of their roles. Developing a person is a highly demanding and very revealing process for both the Coach and the Coachee. People that

Responsible Leadership

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How to Give Permission to Treat Employees in a Way that Promotes Natural Human Behaviour Guy Ratcliffe (UK) As leaders we are responsible for making sustainable business decisions that meet the expectations of the shareholders, customers, the environment and our employees. The performance of our business is constantly measured. 

Stop Asking About Life Purpose!

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Don’t Upset your Clients by Asking About Something that Does not Really Exist! Maria Biquet (Greece) My dear fellow coaches, I am writing this letter to you with all my love and support to save you time and energy in the coaching relationship. What is the purpose of the