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  • Valorile Personale, Busola Care Ne Ghidează Spre Performanță

Personale, Busola Care Ne Ghidează Spre Performanță

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Valorile Personale, Busola Care Ne Ghidează Spre Performanță by Larisa Cepoi (Romania) „Lucrul cu valorile tale durează o viață întreagă; ajungerea la o înțelegere profundă a cine ești tu și învățarea abilităților care să te ajute să te dezvolți, te vor susține să găsești împlinirea personală.” Richard Barrett Valorile

  • Becoming the 0.1%

Becoming the 0.1%

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Becoming the 0.1% by Gareth Timmins (United Kingdom) Historical recruitment campaigns to become a Royal Marines Commando drew on a harrowing but intriguing narrative: 99.9% Need Not Apply. In 2005, only one in a thousand applications for the Royal Marines were successful in reaching the end of the training,

  • Rebirth, from Heartbreak to Happiness

Rebirth, from Heartbreak to Happiness

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by Mark Holmes (United Kingdom) Sitting on a bench in South Island New Zealand, a long way from home, my thoughts turned to wondering how I got there, as they often did in that period. The same question had been circulating inside my motorcycle helmet for many days, but

What Lies Behind the Stories we Tell Ourselves

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by Petra Juhászová (United Kingdom) From the beginning of times people told stories to each other. These stories weren’t only for pure entertainment but often carried a moral lesson. Storytelling is a unique human skill. We use it not just in relation to others, but also with ourselves. We

Thinking Clearly Under Pressure

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by Brian Tregunna (UK) Experienced Life Coach and former Chief Fire Officer Brian Tregunna discusses the importance of self-control during highly-pressurised moments. We are probably all familiar with that moment when something happens that makes your heart sink. You are planning to do something familiar and for which you