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The Power of Self-Understanding to our Success

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by Cecilia Lui (Hong Kong) At the recent Women’s Empowerment Forum in Hong Kong celebrating International Women’s Day in March, I had the pleasure of speaking on the topic to an audience of women and a few men, culturally, generationally, and professionally diverse, with each person on a unique

How to Make the Right Decision Every Time

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by Ken Keis (Canada) Decision:          The act or process of deciding; a determination arrived at after consideration; a report of a conclusion; promptness and firmness in deciding In a recent research study of high performers, one of the top six habits or conditions was that high performers have clarity.

Being Authentic

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by Sheron Silvera (UK) I want to share with you my thoughts on being Authentic. I have had some challenging experiences in my life which has led me to my path to become a Mindset and Transformation Coach. Supporting  Aspiring Entrepreneurs find their Purpose and step into the lifestyle

Future Proof Leadership

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For Your Company to Thrive, Your People Must Thrive By Corry Robertson (Canada) Why do you need to think about Future Proof Leadership? According to Gallup, 84% of Canadian workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged. The Business Development Bank of Canada is warning that Canada is experiencing

Your Spiderwebs are not Made of Cement

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by Barbara Roux-Levrat (Switzerland) Limiting thoughts are like spiderwebs that block your neurons from communicating in a logical manner. You could spend your entire life running around in circles in your head. Faced with a challenge, you could rationally think: ‘You I can. Yes, it’s my thing. That’s what

Feel It To Be Free

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by Petra Juhászová (UK) ‘Please just understand me!’ Why can’t you understand me?’ How many times we said these sentences or anything similar. I am sure that we can immediately think of a few crucial conversations where we were emotionally involved (or not), and these sentences left our lips