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Coaching Conflict Intelligent Leaders

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by Cinnie Noble (Canada) Conflict in organisations is inevitable, and if not well managed it can cost organisations enormously – financially and otherwise. For instance, the price tag for training new staff to replace those who leave, as a consequence of poorly-managed conflict, is just one high expense. Medical

Vital Traits Required in a Leader

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by Alina Dicu (Romania) A leader’s journey begins at the moment of discovering who he or she really is because that moment allows the inner vision to be expressed. That is why I strongly believe that the number one trait of a leader is VISION. Vision is something that

Becoming a Successful Change Agent

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How to Navigate Change Leadership by Philip Cox-Hynd (UK) What with Britain’s looming fall out with Europe and the USA’s current fall out with the rest of the world, this year has been a very tumultuous time for business. On top of the general current of business of Britain’s

Ten Tips on being a Good Leader

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by Andy Johnson (South Africa) What? More Advice! There are undoubtedly more books, articles and quotes about leadership than almost any other topic.  However, The template for the “ideal leader” in any organisation is not the same today as it was five years ago, and it will not be

Energetic Leadership

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by Clive Hyland (UK) We all love to be energised by the people we choose to follow and associate with; and organisational leaders who can sustain a positive energetic impact on their people are worth their weight in gold. Yet, so often, our lack of understanding of interpersonal energetic

When the Going Gets Tough (Part 1)

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Executive Coaching for Career Enhancement of Senior MBA Awarded Managers by Sylvia Pavlova (Bulgaria) Wheeling the clock back 6 years ago, it came to pass during one of the coffee breaks between lectures. There circulated in the air small talks among people whom I met for the first, and