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Do Companies Really Need Coaching?

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An Observation on the Available Data regarding Coaching at Work by Iulia Sorescu (Romania) Companies today are calling for coaching to help them increase their performance, retain talent, improve work related behaviour, enhance cooperation and communication between co-workers and transform their key-performers into leaders. All these benefits of coaching

Beyond Mere Leadership to Engaging Leaders

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‘There are leaders then there are Engaging Leaders’ by Steve Jones (UK) In 2010 the UK Government commissioned ‘The MacLeod Review’ and titled “Engaging for Success – enhancing performance through employee engagement” which suggested that the cost to UK plc of disengagement of employees is between £59.4bn and £64.7bn

Coaching Conflict Intelligent Leaders

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by Cinnie Noble (Canada) Conflict in organisations is inevitable, and if not well managed it can cost organisations enormously – financially and otherwise. For instance, the price tag for training new staff to replace those who leave, as a consequence of poorly-managed conflict, is just one high expense. Medical

Vital Traits Required in a Leader

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by Alina Dicu (Romania) A leader’s journey begins at the moment of discovering who he or she really is because that moment allows the inner vision to be expressed. That is why I strongly believe that the number one trait of a leader is VISION. Vision is something that