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Coaching vs Interrogation

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Coaching vs Interrogation Dr Douglas Kong (Singapore) ‘Coaches ask a lot of questions, don’t they?’ A friend responded when I told him about my decision to embark on a coaching career. He continued, ‘A friend was asked to attend coaching sessions, and he did not

Group Conflict Are Debates Healthy?

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by Gary Gasaway (USA) Many of the executives that I have coached, typically possess differences of opinion regarding their role in group debates. These debates are usually taking place in a group setting such as a staff meeting. As a coach, I ask these executives questions regarding how to

4 Tips to Communicate Effectively with Clients

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by Anne Bachrach (USA) While many business owners believe they communicate effectively with clients, the reality is that few professionals know how to communicate effectively with clients to get the desired results. Effective communication with clients may seem like the least of your worries when you are running your

The Art of Coaching for Personal Transformation

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by Dr. Keith Merron (UK) Going Deeper: Coaching Third-Order Problems Most of my work is in the corporate sector, working with CEOs and Senior Executives. My goal is to help my clients transform. Often, when clients bring their problems to me, they focus on the symptoms. It is my

Supporting the Lone Ranger

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by Graham Borley (UK) The nature of work has changed for many people and increasing numbers are now at least part time home or remote workers. Growing numbers are taking advantage of changes in employer attitudes and technological advances that are facilitating disparate workforces with more options for home