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Home Sweet Home

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by Gregory Caremans (Belgium) So this is it. We’re back home. The summer slowly draws to an end and it’s been great. The holidays were a breath of fresh air. We all had a whole bunch of new experiences. From sailing and kayaking, over medieval castles and prehistoric caves,

Consultanța în afaceri, încotro?

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by Sorin Caian (Romania) Consultanța în afaceri, ca profesie recunoscută și etichetată ca atare, este relativ nouă în România, iar piața de consultanță a cunoscut o evoluție cu multe suișuri, dar și coborâșuri abrupte. Evoluția acesteia nu diferă prea mult de situația întâlnită în alte țări comparabile ca dezvoltare

“Industry 4.0 – Transform business using Big Data technologies, Artificial Intelligence or IoT”.

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AMCOR va organiza pe data de 5 octombrie 2017 o nouă ediție Professional Corner cu tema ”Industry 4.0 - Transformarea afacerilor utilizând tehnologii Big Data, Artificial Intelligence sau IoT”.  Evenimentul va avea loc la Victory Business Center (str. Învingătorilor, nr. 24, et. 4, București) în intervalul orar 14:00-17:30. Ne-am propus ca evenimentul

10 Habits of Effective Business Coaches

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by Bartosz Zieleznik Coaching has recently become a crucial area in strategic business development. An increasing number of companies hire coaches to boost  performance of their key employees, increase their motivation and help them deal with personal issues. In the last few years we have seen many leading international

Toolful Coach Column vol. 1

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by Brigitta Banhidi Tools  that coaching-style managers can use with their own teams There are many ways managers can lead their teams. Might be autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire and more – we all know these styles. But given this is a magazine on coaching, what better topic than tools to

How can you make diamond sparkle more?

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by Laura Komocsin and Andrea Szabados It is a common fact that most coaching frameworks originate from the English-speaking world.  People are often keen on acronyms, especially if the initials form a relevant and positive word (like the most well-known GROW) or if every word has the same initial (e.g.