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The E-Coaching Revolution

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Depth Impact The Art & Science of Writing by Macarena Vergara (Spain) This is not another article on how robots will take over our coaching profession, or about how to package ‘coaching’ programmes online to create passive income. It is not about devaluing coaching by turning it into a

Coaching Tools – What, How and When to Use Them

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by Iana Avramova (Bulgaria) As far as we are familiar, Coaching, exists since the Ancient Greece. This becomes evident in the Socratic Dialogue thanks to Plato and Xenophon, who have recorded it. They show us that Socrates was the first known Coach. The questioning style that he has developed

Rapid Impact Coaching

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by Catherine Stothart (UK) At the heart of good coaching is the ability to ask the right questions at the right time and listen attentively to the answers. You can’t coach effectively without this ability.  But sometimes an additional tool or technique can help the client crystallise an insight

Are You in the Mood?

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Coaching Tool: Mood Cards to Identify the Baseline Emotions by Anindita Das (China) Many a times clients have come to me with a shadow of their present reality hanging over the coaching session. In almost transference situation, the mood has then hindered me from focussing on the session or

How to Increase Your Small Business Profits in 2018

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by Varun Datta (UK) It is true that ‘profit’ is the only thing how we can keep score in business. Merely penning down profit into your business's financial section doesn't mean it will happen instantly. As a small business entrepreneur, you should be careful, because increasing your overall profit

Coaching Tools– The Best Tool? Rapport!

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by Alessandra Patti (Switzerland) It is a fact that, in the coaching world, there are indeed many coaching techniques to use. However, my experience in coaching has shown me that one of the best tools to use is to CREATE RAPPORT with the client. The majority of ‘haha’ moments