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  • The Slow Coach Approach

The Slow Coach Approach

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SECTION: WHAT TO READ The Slow Coach Approach by Judy Barber (United Kingdom) The Slow Coach Approach is a book written for good-hearted leaders but, as I say on page 5: “You don’t need to be a coach in order to use it – but I have a sneaky

  • Succeed! A Quality Brand

Succeed! A Quality Brand

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Succeed! A Quality Brand by Yosara Geerlings (Netherlands) Are you a certified coach? And if so, certified by which organisation? The prominent players in the market are ICF and IPEC. These brands tell the public that their coaches are qualified and experienced. However, there are some qualified coaches out

NLP and Coaching Models

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by Conrad Slater (United Kingdom) NLP modelling was first unveiled by Richard Bandler and John Grinder when they worked on why some people excelled at a particular task or function and their thought processes, behaviour and belief systems related to these functions. It can be stated that if someone

  • Rebirth, from Heartbreak to Happiness

Rebirth, from Heartbreak to Happiness

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by Mark Holmes (United Kingdom) Sitting on a bench in South Island New Zealand, a long way from home, my thoughts turned to wondering how I got there, as they often did in that period. The same question had been circulating inside my motorcycle helmet for many days, but

  • Ever Been Taught How to Network? Find Our Why By Basile Lemba

Ever Been Taught How to Network? Find Our Why!

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by Basile Lemba (USA) Let’s face it. You drive a car, you learned how to, via a driving school or some teacher. You Network, chances are that you do not have a Networking License. Why is that? My guesses are: Your state/country does not require one. You never thought

Quollify App, a Tiger by the Tail

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Quollify, a business matching app has been referred to by some, as TikTok, but for business only. It is based on thirty-second videos, whereby the speaker announces their name, exactly what he or she is doing and exactly who they are seeking. Then, through clever algorithms, keywords and many

Join the 1% Club!

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Hi, I'm Ruby McGuire, Head of CPD over at the IAPC&M (International Authority of Professional Coaching & Mentoring). The IAPC&M has a proven track record in providing coaches, mentors and training providers with a 1st class personal service; a wealth of value added business building resources, and outstanding CPD

A Wacky and Unique Tool to Use With Clients

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by Ruby McGuire (UK) I don’t know about you, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable sharing things that you believe in when you think others might judge you. For example, you might share your political views or your spiritual views, and then you worry what might people might think.

The Coaching Session Model

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by Gary Gasaway (USA) As a Professional Life Coach specialising in conflict, the coaching session is one the most important functions of my business. Without an applicable model, identifying and resolving my clients’ conflict is very limited and not nearly as effective. When I developed this model and my