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When Career Coaching Takes a Turn

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By Robert Holmes (Australia) Figure 1 Career coaching is one of the most rewarding and challenging tasks a coach can participate in. It is different from executive, life or high performance coaching because of the involvement of other stakeholders like supervisors or HR. Apart from handling multiple

Wealth Is More Than Money

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By Kim Sawyer (USA) If you define wealth only in financial terms, it will appear that your wealth comes from outside you – from your job, the stock market, the economy. Your ability to create wealth becomes largely dependent on factors outside of your control, but… What if the

Coaching for a Booming Industry

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By: Iulian Ionita (UK) There are two booming industries nowadays: Coaching and IT. Let’s find out how they might work together! The IT industry continues to be a booming one. An area that is constantly innovating and attracts the best talents. As this industry continues to grow, apart from