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Rhythms of Success

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by Noémi Végh Ph.D. Having an ancestral lineage of farmers who tended the land with artful passion even amidst historical storms I absorbed the rhythms of nature; naturally. I witnessed the planting  and harvesting of seeds, woke from the noise of seasonal pig-killings, trampled grapes into sweet wine and

The Current Practice of Coaching In Companies

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by Frank Bresser A growing number of impressing coaching success stories can be found in enterprises today (see for example the 23 company case studies in ‘The global business guide for the successful use of coaching in companies’ by F. Bresser). What is making this possible is firstly the

Entrepreneurial Coaching

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by PaTrisha-Anne Todd What an exciting title and one that fires ambition, shooting dreams and goals to the outer stratosphere. I am delighted to share that entrepreneurship is booming. If you have a game plan to turn your coaching into something more and impact not only those around you,

4 Concepts to Develop your People

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By Dr. Richard Norris Notice that it is not professional development but people development. Professional development sees a person in only one dimension – their job. People development looks at that same person as a whole – a sum of specific roles e.g. mother, partner, SVP, PTA and Brownie

Five Benefits Of Entrepreneurial Coaching

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by Silvana Budisteanu We are living strange times, when the world’s economy is shaken. This worldwide crisis – at a much deeper level than just the financial part, I dare say - is unprecedented. As an entrepreneur for the last fifteen years I have asked myself what I would

10 Habits of Effective Business Coaches

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by Bartosz Zieleznik Coaching has recently become a crucial area in strategic business development. An increasing number of companies hire coaches to boost  performance of their key employees, increase their motivation and help them deal with personal issues. In the last few years we have seen many leading international

EXECUTIVE COACHING in the Global Context

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by Cristina Palma - iCN Journalist (France) Interview with Tony Mayo (USA), Aboodi Shabi (UK), and Magda Niculescu (Romania) Tony Mayo (USA), Aboodi Shabi (UK) and Magda Niculescu (Romania) are three experienced executive coaches with three ways of seeing the world, but they all agree on one thing, there is