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  • The Road To A Successful Practice

The Road To A Successful Practice

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The Road To A Successful Practice by Helma Lieberwerth (Netherlands) Coaching is a booming business, and at the same time a relatively young field. For you as a coach, this brings all kinds of possibilities, and certainly also challenges. Because, how do you get noticed and how do you

  • 3 Ways to Create Success in Your Business

3 Ways to Create Success in Your Business

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3 Ways to Create Success in Your Business by Ruby McGuire (UK) When I work with business owners wanting to be successful, they often tell me their limiting beliefs and negative self-talk can prevent them from believing that success is possible. They state they are trying everything that can

How Are You Showing Up in Your Organisation?

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How Are You Showing Up in Your Organisation? by Sonia Brown (UK) While many of us are working from home, this is a great time for new leaders to push through the crowded workspace and find opportunities to be ‘invited to’ the networks of influence, but more importantly, invited

Elevator Speech Versus The Human Touch

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by Gary Gasaway (USA) Years ago, when I started organising my life coaching business, I remember practicing my ‘elevator speech’ to my fellow trainees in the professional coach training that I was enrolled in. The instructor commended me for using the ‘coaching language’; as my niche was focused upon

The Mendeleev of Coaching

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Interview with Laura Komócsin, Master Certified Coach, by Anikó Uj (Germany) As a teenager, Laura wanted to become a chemistry teacher. Finally, she decided to study economics due to her growing interest in business. After her graduation, she worked for a global management consulting company in various countries such

Take Your Coaching Business to the Next Level

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by Terri Levine (USA) The other day a coaching client asked me, ‘What’s the difference between owning a coaching business and owning a coaching company?’. Because this answer is so critically important to your success, I am doing a deep dive into this article. I know that starting a

Building your Organisation

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by Mohammed EL-Arabi (Saudi Arabia) In this current age, organizations could face many threats coming in different forms which could have significant impact on the organisation and its sustainability. The current pandemic situation is one such incident which created so much of uncertainty within organisations, people and their jobs.