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6 Benefits of Accountability

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by Anne Bachrach (USA) Accountability, which is an important element of the workplace, requires both internal control and external support.  In order to achieve peak levels of performance, external accountability is necessary. Being an accountable employee, which is what a business owner wants, demonstrates dedication to the job and

Want More Clients? Use This Amazing Tool

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by Ruby McGuire (UK) When I first started my coaching business, I knew I needed to get myself and my business noticed. I was not overly familiar with online resources at that time, other than doing a simple Facebook post to promote something. I knew I needed to build

8 Tips to Help Manage People Better

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by Anne Bachrach (USA) The success of a small business depends hugely on the employees. If they are not committed to the goals and do not put in their best efforts, achieving success can be extremely difficult and maybe impossible. Even if you have achieved considerable success till now,

How to Make the Most of your Day

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by Charlotte Smith (USA) We all have 24 hours in a day, but how are some people so much more productive than others and seem to effortlessly get things done? Over the years I have fine-tuned my productivity and planning skills, and I wanted to share with you this

Being and Coaching Mastery

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QUARTERLY COLUMN by Dr. Keith Merron (USA) Many will tell you that the keys to being a great coach have all to do with a specific set of skills such as listening, artfully offering feedback, reflecting back well, etc., and I might agree. Still further, many will offer you