• Succeed! A Quality Brand

Succeed! A Quality Brand

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Succeed! A Quality Brand by Yosara Geerlings (Netherlands) Are you a certified coach? And if so, certified by which organisation? The prominent players in the market are ICF and IPEC. These brands tell the public that their coaches are qualified and experienced. However, there are some qualified coaches out

  • Becoming the 0.1%

Becoming the 0.1%

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Becoming the 0.1% by Gareth Timmins (United Kingdom) Historical recruitment campaigns to become a Royal Marines Commando drew on a harrowing but intriguing narrative: 99.9% Need Not Apply. In 2005, only one in a thousand applications for the Royal Marines were successful in reaching the end of the training,

  • Coaching vs Interrogation

Coaching vs Interrogation

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Coaching vs Interrogation Dr Douglas Kong (Singapore) ‘Coaches ask a lot of questions, don’t they?’ A friend responded when I told him about my decision to embark on a coaching career. He continued, ‘A friend was asked to attend coaching sessions, and he did not

7 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

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by Anne M. Bachrach (USA) You don’t have to be an amazing orator to be an effective business communicator, but you do need to have communication skills that are finely honed. If you’re an entrepreneur or a business team leader, your livelihood or your paycheck could depend upon your

Yes, I don’t understand!

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by Martin Goodyer (United Kingdom) When you think about the challenges even top-rated coaches face with their elite clients, what word comes to mind? If ‘assumption’ was not the first thing you thought of, it would not be too far behind, would it? You see, assumptions are like a

Ever Been Taught How to Network? Find Our Why!

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by Basile Lemba (USA) Let’s face it. You drive a car, you learned how to, via a driving school or some teacher. You Network, chances are that you do not have a Networking License. Why is that? My guesses are: Your state/country does not require one. You never thought

How Big Thinking Can Grow Your Business

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by Anne Bachrach (USA) Do you surround yourself with dream squashers or are you surrounded by individuals who listen to your dreams for your business and urge you to pursue them? Do you think big for your business? Do you look at where your business stands today and think,

The Road To A Successful Practice

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by Helma Lieberwerth (Netherlands) Coaching is a booming business, and at the same time a relatively young field. For you as a coach, this brings all kinds of possibilities, and certainly also challenges. Because, how do you get noticed and how do you distinguish yourself from all those other

3 Ways to Create Success in Your Business

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by Ruby McGuire (UK) When I work with business owners wanting to be successful, they often tell me their limiting beliefs and negative self-talk can prevent them from believing that success is possible. They state they are trying everything that can create success, yet their business is not growing.