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  • Thinking About Thinking How ADHD Coaching Works

Thinking About Thinking: How ADHD Works

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Thinking About Thinking: How ADHD Coaching Works by Glen Oliveiro (Singapore) We ask four ADHD coaches how coaching helps individuals manage their symptoms One of the strengths of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is an ability to focus so intensely that the whole world ceases to exist, a

  • The Slow Coach Approach

The Slow Coach Approach

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SECTION: WHAT TO READ The Slow Coach Approach by Judy Barber (United Kingdom) The Slow Coach Approach is a book written for good-hearted leaders but, as I say on page 5: “You don’t need to be a coach in order to use it – but I have a sneaky

  • Art of Self-Maximization

Art of Self-Maximization

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SECTION: WHAT TO READ Art of Self-Maximization by Sanjeevv Khanna (India) Book Excerpt Art of Self-Maximization 2 Pursuit of Meaning ‘Each of us has things we must do before we die. A meaningful life is one in which you deeply connect to your purpose. A person living

  • Becoming the 0.1%

Becoming the 0.1%

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Becoming the 0.1% by Gareth Timmins (United Kingdom) Historical recruitment campaigns to become a Royal Marines Commando drew on a harrowing but intriguing narrative: 99.9% Need Not Apply. In 2005, only one in a thousand applications for the Royal Marines were successful in reaching the end of the training,

  • Rebirth, from Heartbreak to Happiness

Rebirth, from Heartbreak to Happiness

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by Mark Holmes (United Kingdom) Sitting on a bench in South Island New Zealand, a long way from home, my thoughts turned to wondering how I got there, as they often did in that period. The same question had been circulating inside my motorcycle helmet for many days, but

What Coaches Need to Know About Team Flow

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by Kate Hammer (UK) A new monograph from Springer Briefs in Well-Being and Quality of Life Research called Team Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Collaboration (2019) contains important findings for coaches, especially those who work on-site with members of a common team. Two leading psychological researchers – Jef J.J.