By Malcolm Nicholson (United Kingdom)

Is career coaching ‘coaching’ in the way that the Coaching Industry aspires to be, or is it a more directive, formulaic advice based approach?

As there are no agreed definitions of career coaching worldwide, mainly due to cultural, linguistic and perceptual differences I will offer a primarily UK centric view.

Good career advice in and immediately after full time college or education can have a significant impact and put individuals on more solid footing, providing not only the tools – a good CV, interview skills, advice on using online tools, networking etc, – but also with a mindset that helps them understand that the career path of today is not as direct as it might have been in previous generations, advice with which the traditional parental or educational sources may not have caught up.

Source: iCN Issue 8 (Career Coaching); pages 09-11

About Malcolm Nicholson

iCN Journalist for United Kingdom. Malcolm Nicholson is the owner and Coaching Director for Aspecture, and has worked successfully with a wide range of senior business people for over 15 years, enabling them to improve business results through transformational changes. To find out how he can help your organisation, contact him at or on +44 1932 267597.