By: Tracy A. Shand (UK)

The place that you are at today, both personally and professionally, is as a result of the choices that you have made. Big choices, small choices and no choices have all played a part in building your tomorrow. Over time you have made more and more choices in the game of life to create the life that you have. But is this the life that you want? Does your job inspire you or frustrate you? Did you choose this line of work by choice or chance? Your career is a big part of who you are, but what one emotion do you feel when you talk about it?

Work is a necessity of life, but how you feel about it now is affecting you being well in a world that is constantly changing.  Thoughts drive emotions. Emotions drive behaviour. Behaviour drives your future. Given the direction of the world economy combined with the advance of technology, to maintain employment it is best to prepare now for your future career. To better prepare for your future, career coaches work with individuals to set career goals, develop an action plan successfully prepare for the future that you want. The world may change, new opportunities may be created, but one thing is constant- YOU. Have you ever felt as if you should settle – for a job, a lifestyle or relationship? I know that I have. When you settle for a job or career that is less than what you want, you give up the opportunity to be your best self at work. What is your best self? What is the ‘one talent’ you have that the world needs? Moving forward now is all about you giving a 100% commitment and getting total fulfilment.

Are you ready to move forward now?

All you need is a pen, the curious nature of a child and some time.

Source: iCN Issue 18 (Career Coaching); pages 43-44