By Iulia Sorescu (Romania)

Career coaching has become one of the most required types of coaching. According to ICF Global Coaching Study from 2016, the top three reasons for hiring a coach are: finding better career opportunities – 27.6%, boost self-esteem – 40.9 % and create work-life balance – 25.7%. This may reflect the global political and economic developments. We are now facing a wide variety of career options, along with prominent levels of instability and economic downturns. We no longer have a job for life and the security of a monthly paycheck. On the other hand, we live in times of exciting opportunities. The technological changes give us the chance to make money from all over the world. Automatisation is good as well as it is bad. Career coaches are in high-demand due to this emerging need to adapt effectively and efficiently to a more complex context.

Benefits of career coaching

At an individual level, a career coach helps people leverage their strengths, increase their level of self-confidence, improve presentation and communication skills. With the support of a career coach, we learn to stand out from our competition and attract the employers’ attention on us. Additionally, a career coach will support us in finding our way. Getting to listen to our internal voice would make it easier for us to look for a suitable job and get it more easily.

Source: iCN Issue 18 (Career Coaching); pages 30-31

About Iulia Sorescu

Life vision & enhancement coach with a passion for combining coaching with visual arts techniques. Iulia offers life coaching for highflier Millennials to transform their dreams into reality. The combination between goals setting and self-esteem boost with visual arts is a perfect fit to keep them motivated and inspired. Using creative tools in her practice, she makes sure that the process of self-discovery is appealing and engaging.