By: Yasen Dimitrov (Bulgaria)


It’s easy for the coach when a client’s goals are directed towards career progress.  Hierarchy growth is easily defined, socially approved and oftentimes desired. In the suchlike coaching process key word is ‘’betterment’’. The relationship formed between the coach and his client’s are based on common striving to upgrade, to meliorate career development.  Quite often that is a fruitful process   resulting in positive emotions, feelings of strong “mental“ connection and mutuality.

On the other hand, occasionally there are cases when the client needs a different type of coaching. The one that would help dealing with fears, doubts and feelings of powerlessness. Emotions that often emerge on the surface in the final stages of stress and burnout. Working with clients experiencing burnout is often part of Career Coaching, of course it spreads to other forms of coaching services as well.

What exactly is Burnout?

The problem of burnout is not new in the field of helping professions. It has been studied for many years from physiological and medical perspectives. It is only in the last decade that burnout has been an object of interest for the Coaching professionals. So what exactly is burnout?

Source: iCN Issue 18  (Career Coaching); pages 53-56

About Yasen Dimitrov

Yasen Dimitrov is Executive Coach and PhD candidate working on the topics of Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour. As a lecturer at VUZF (University of Insurance and Finance) at Sofia Bulgaria he teaches the subjects of ‘’Organisational Behaviour’’ and ‘’Business Psychology’. He is also training and development consultant with practice of over 15 years of practice.

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