By Esther Coronel de Iberkleid (Bolivia)

Even though Entrepreneurs and Executives globally are paying attention to the abbreviation “NLP” Neuro-Linguistic-Programming more than ever, there is still a group of people that thinks “NLP” comes from a “new era guru” talking about things that look like nonsense’s.

For 25 years I have been working in a manufacturing plant, fighting with people, the market and words. I asked myself many times “How can I do things easier?” Thinking there had to be an easier way! I did not know who to ask, and where I could find the answers to my questions. I was struggling regarding how to make the connection between the “Product Development Department” of the business and the market, what I call today the connection between the “senses” and the words, something I learned with “NLP”.

The problem was not about what I was doing, since as a Chemical Engineer I understand processes. There was something that is also a process, of which I was not aware yet: “the fact that communication occurs at all levels of our being”.

Today I find this fact fascinating, fantastic and at the same time amazing, since this turns the language we use on a daily basis into an absolute different level of communication, regarding its power, value and an allay in life to achieve our goals and as well be able to live a better life communicating better with the world and ourselves.

I discovered by studying “NLP” that when we understand the “other languages” we can work more efficiently. Like when you decipher a hieroglyph and things get much clear regarding the history of a certain civilization for example. You are able to read the body language and be aware of new responses and from there interact from a complete different place improving relations and results. And it is very easy to do it once you get it and discover how to open that door.

Source: iCN Issue 4 (NLP in Coaching); pages 39-41

About Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, lives in La Paz, Bolivia.  She has a doctorate in Chemistry and is trained in TFH, PKP, EFT and “NLP”.  She has certificates as a Life Coach, Business Coach and Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. Esther offers specific tools and guidance toward Clarity, Confidence and Self-esteem to men and women feeling they lost their “course”, w/depression, anxiety and unsatisfied as well as in the Business arena. Executive Coaching is available. Her specific target markets are Conscious Visionary Leaders that want to build a legacy with social impact that makes history!