by Laura Komocsin and Andrea Szabados

It is a common fact that most coaching frameworks originate from the English-speaking world.  People are often keen on acronyms, especially if the initials form a relevant and positive word (like the most well-known GROW) or if every word has the same initial (e.g. the 7C’s framework from Mick Cope). The framework Laura Komocsin from Hungary has created is called the “SPARKLE  Model”. Similarly to other process frameworks, this model also demonstrates the typical stages of a coaching process, but if you review this short description you will see the difference. To make this model more attractive not only for coaches but clients as well, we collected songs for each stage to add value to the coaching process.

Naturally, as we say, “Nobody coaches the way I do.” (A motto of the Hungarian Organizational Development Society, see ) No coaching model should be viewed too rigidly, and neither should the SPARKLE  Model. This framework was designedonly to assist in understanding and constructing the stages of the process and to serve as a reference on what a coach can do and what tools can be used in each stage as well as what the client can expect. The SPARKLE Model divides the process into seven stages:

  1. Situation
  2. Positioning (yourself)
  3. Alternatives
  4. Route
  5. Key Obstacles
  6. Leverage
  7. Evaluation

Source: iCN Issue 1 (Maiden Issue); pages 30-34