By Bianca Tudor (Romania)

After all, the value of your company is your value as an entrepreneur. What can you do for yourself?

I think the awaken moment was when I moved to Bucharest to study, zero connections and outside comfort zone!

I got from zero connections in an unknown city, build a career, a business, a network of people, a community of women entrepreneurs and a unique concept of networking, networking and entrepreneurship.

How? Networking is a process, not an event!

Knowing the people, being curious to know their life stories, and keeping a close relationship with them = networking

Source: iCN Issue 15 (Marketing for Coaches); pages 45-47

BiancaTAbout Bianca Tudor

Bianca Tudor is the Founder of Elite Business Women and a Managing Partner of More Solutions.

A communication, enthusiast person. She never misses an opportunity to see the glass half full. Bianca enjoys creating new possibilities for herself. “Can do” attitude, career driven. Self motivated and open to change, not taking part in the action, but being part of it.