by Mohammed EL-Arabi (Saudi Arabia)

In this current age, organizations could face many threats coming in different forms which could have significant impact on the organisation and its sustainability.

The current pandemic situation is one such incident which created so much of uncertainty within organisations, people and their jobs.

Therefore, it is essential for organisations to make sure that they take the required steps to ensure they are ready to face challenging and uncertain situations that could come in various forms.

When it comes to an organisation, following are some key components that have a major impact towards an organisation’s growth, sustainability, and survival.

They can be named as ‘The Leadership’, ‘The Operations’ and the ‘Teams’.

Leadership is one of the most important factors that have a major contribution towards an organisation focus in achieving its vision and mission. Leadership has the most important role to play strategically to ensure the organisation is moving towards the right direction. A strong leadership is mandatory for the success of an organisation; however, strong leadership is one comment term which is misinterpreted very often. Strong by any means, does not mean to be difficult on employees and drive things by command & making lives difficult for employees. Such models are not sustainable in the wrong run.

A leader could be redefined as someone who is leading by action who walks the path as a role model to whom employees could look up to learn and improve what they do. Therefore, it is very important for leaders to understand and act upon in a manner which makes the job interesting for the employees but not a burden.

The famous Vince Lombardi quote may be a familiar one to many of you where Vince elaborates as ‘Leaders are made, they are not born.’ This Quote is self-explanatory which simply outlines what it takes to make a great leader.

Source: iCN Issue 35  (Business Coaching: Building your Organisation); pages 43-44