By Sarah Wall (Canada)

break-through-the-marketing-noiseDid you know that people send 204,000,000 emails, Facebook users share 2,460,000 pieces of content, Twitter users tweet 277,000 times and 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE! This is mind-boggling.

When I first started out with my coaching business, I felt overwhelmed about where to begin to market my services. Having some experience in marketing, I jotted down a rough strategy then proceeded to create my website, launched a Facebook business page, and updated my LinkedIn profile. I even experimented with Instagram.

However, a few weeks into the execution of my strategy, when the sales were not flooding in, I found myself wondering if I was spending time on the right channels or if my strategy was correct, which led to self-doubt and even questioning the value of my services. The sheer amount of options and data available today and the confusion around the myriad of choices was a reflection of what was going on in my mind – too much noise.

I decided to try a new strategy – to get out of my mind and into my body to look within to see what made sense for me.

Source: iCN Issue 15 (Marketing for Coaches); pages 35-36

SarahWallAbout Sarah Wall

Sarah is a Vancouver-based business and life coach, yoga teacher and Reiki master, serving local and international clients. It is her mission to see you thrive and to help you create a life you love using simple tools that can make a difference today. For support in your journey towards living a purposeful and joyful life, or to learn more about her upcoming workshops, please visit Sarah at Body Mind Spirit Coach.