By Cristina Burca, ICN Journalist, Romania

Born2Succeed is not only a successful business consultancy in Romania, but also the mind-set of an emerging entrepreneurial community which brings Romania in the spotlight of the global start-up scene.  With almost 300 start-ups and more than 500 founders in only the last two years (listed on, Romania is already seen as a vibrant and ever-growing global start-up hub.  More, Romania ranks 5th in the world at internet connection speed[1] and 38th as to starting up a business[2]. Clear signs that business coaching has a huge potential to develop.

Irina Alionte, one of the youngest entrepreneurs and business coaches in Romania, grew a worldwide consulting business – Born2Succeed – in less than a year, whose figures speak for themselves: 25 live events for entrepreneurs in 2014, international speakers, a fully-booked list of 1-to-1 coaching sessions and an innovative Bodyshape transformation centre.  And that’s only the beginning. As the Romanian market has a lot more to show.

ICN spoke with Irina about coaching trends in Romania, how to create a successful business in record speed, avoid failure and enjoy a “freedom” lifestyle.

Source: iCN Issue 10 (Business Coaching); pages 51-54

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