by Dr Richard Norris (United Kingdom)

What makes businesses successful?

This is a question that is often asked. It is also a question for which there are innumerable answers. Here are some:

A great idea or innovation? Yes.

An inspiring leader? Yes, that helps immensely. The right timing in the market? Surely. The right people? Yes, your team, your clients, your suppliers and your champions will all be key.

Admittedly, there is no one answer. However, for those who are familiar with Malcolm Gladwells’ The Tipping Point there are certainly key factors that determine success. According to Gladwell the tipping point is a signal of a key moment that unifies isolated events into a significant focus and trend. In the context of business, and let’s be more specific here, your business, the tipping point is about all  that has gone before regarding you  and your business coming together at a defined point in time and space  when  the  “universe  aligns” and your business finds and begins to truly fulfil its purpose and potential. In your market, you “arrive”.

Source: iCN Issue 2 (Business Coaching); pages 74-75

About Dr. Richard Norris

Dr Richard Norris is a self-leadership expert who equips and empowers aspiring men from the boardroom to the locker room to the family room to lead the life they deserve and desire. Clients find Richard’s practical, simple and easy to implement tools, tips and techniques deliver quick results and progress their Journey of Success. Richard’s own self- leadership has developed from a diverse career  of  experiences  as  a  veterinarian, army office, competitive swimmer, award-winning  coach,  speaker,  author of Hoof it! 7 Key Lessons on Your Journey  of  Success,  husband  and  father.