‘There are leaders then there are Engaging Leaders’

by Steve Jones (UK)

In 2010 the UK Government commissioned ‘The MacLeod Review’ and titled “Engaging for Success – enhancing performance through employee engagement” which suggested that the cost to UK plc of disengagement of employees is between £59.4bn and £64.7bn a year.

I can never seem to get my head around such figures but what was apparent to me was that there was massive disengagement going on in the UK within its workforce.

The research showed that just 29% of employees were energised and committed to work. This meant that two-thirds of the workforce in the UK was disengaged. How could this be? It also revealed that if we were all motivated we would all be working a four day week; and that the UK were ranked 14th in motivational terms in Europe behind some third world countries. To me this was unbelievable but evidently true.

As I read more of the research it identified two things to me.

  1. Leadership was poor in the UK
  2. That there was a massive opportunity to use coaching methodologies as a solution.

Source: iCN Issue 20 (Executive Coaching); pages 22-24

About Steve Jones

Steve Jones is a well -known business coach, public speaker, trainer and consultant. Steve is an expert at creating ideas and strategies that build businesses, drive revenue and improve business position & performance. He has a passion for making companies and their products the best in their product category.

Steve’s unique understanding of leadership and management, team building and motivation in business, coupled with his understanding, drive and enthusiasm, clearly set him aside as an expert. More recently Steve has been invited onto the Government’s Employee Engagement Task Force team where he is now co-chair and has been contributing his knowledge in the areas of team building, motivation and performance improvement, whilst at the same time running a series of workshops for Grant Thornton’s Growth Accelerator Programme and new ‘G’ Programme.