By Deepak Sawhney (India)

When faced with options and yet not being able to make a choice, perhaps one needs to look at the desired outcomes or results. Begin with the end in mind, is what we have all heard. When we know our destinations, short or long, we start planning and acting in a manner to take us close & reach our destinations or outcomes. In professional lives, we have our goals/KPIs which keep us focused. Thankfully, someone does it for us in corporate life. When we work on our own or just purely in our personal life situations, determining what we wish to achieve in short time frames would help us think better and make great choices when options are generated or thrown at us.

I am sharing a piece from a “coaching conversation” that may help readers in working their way up and out of confusion or dilemmas in the similar situation. The client operates independently as a financial services professional with a very small team. In this business for last 2 years, he has had many options thrown at him to develop new businesses. He has seen them as opportunities to grow & make money. Read on further.

Source: iCN Issue 13 (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 58-59

About Deepak Sawhney

Deepak is a senior professional with the background of rich experience of 25+ years in profit centre & national roles in Sales, Marketing & Training, learning & development. He has been trained by Dr Marshall Goldsmith, considered world’s no. 1 Executive Coach, which motivated and inspired him to take up coaching. He started off, while working in one the leading BFSI Company, as an Internal Coach in 2010 to CXOs & Business & Departmental heads. Later Deepak took up successfully a Coach Certification program with the Results Coaches System. Since 2013 he has been operating as an independent coach. He has worked on assignments with Directors/CXOs, VPs & Senior Professionals from BFSI, Manufacturing, Services, Consulting & BPO industry. He has coached people on Leadership competencies, executive presence, Conflict management, Interpersonal Relationships, Work Life Balance, Business & revenue growth.