Becoming the 0.1%

by Gareth Timmins (United Kingdom)

Historical recruitment campaigns to become a Royal Marines Commando drew on a harrowing but intriguing narrative: 99.9% Need Not Apply. In 2005, only one in a thousand applications for the Royal Marines were successful in reaching the end of the training, earning the Coveted Green Beret – a world-renowned symbol of excellence.

Becoming the 0.1% is the first-ever diary account of this training regime, charting the odds-stacked journey of Gareth Timmins, a 20-year-old recruit at the time, and providing a psychological framework for understanding how he was able to cultivate the mental strength and resilience needed to push through to success.

Each week of training is accompanied by lessons on his shortcomings and growth to peak performance. It uses real-life and often terrifying experiences to describe to the reader the edge you need to cultivate a 0.1% mindset and succeed in life and work, by learning how to:

  • Visualise achievements
  • Combat fatigue and burnout
  • Stay motivated by not losing sight of the end goal
  • Eradicate complacency and achieve mastery
  • Redefine expectation and regulate disappointment
  • Live without convenience
  • Thrive under pressure
  • Break down self-imposed limitations
  • Be held accountable to others


‘A practical and no-nonsense guide on dealing with the toughest situations, from someone who has been there and done it.’ ~ Levison Wood

‘It will help you to navigate life.’ ~ The Times

‘Gareth has produced a fascinating insight into the mental fortitude required to become a Royal Marines Commando — and how that mindset can improve your life in all areas.’ ~ Chris Burn ― Yorkshire Post

‘Brutally accurate, inspiring and educational – a must read for everyone.’ ~ Mark Ormrod MBE

‘The perfect combination of an adversity story and useful lessons in a military setting, that should be utilized in everyday life by everyone.’ ~ Paul de Gelder

‘An unbelievable insight, could not put it down.’ ~ Liam Harrison, 8x World Muay Thai Champion

Book Description

The first-ever book to include authentic diary accounts of a 20-year-old recruit’s experience training as a Royal Marines Commando.

Becoming the 0.1% explores the psychology behind what it takes to be in the 0.1%, and shares practical insight into how to build an elite mindset.

Source: iCN Issue 37  (The Dynamics of Team Coaching); pages 18-19

About Gareth Timmins

Gareth Timmins is a former Royal Marines Commando who has spent time in Iraq, Somalia, Egypt and Afghanistan. Since leaving Afghanistan, he has worked for several ultra-high net-worth individuals in London, whilst providing a physical security and business development consultancy to blue-chip companies in the City of London.

Gareth completed his studies in Psychology after six years gaining a Diploma of Higher Education in Psychology and a BSc (Hons) in Forensic Psychology.

In more recent years, he founded Nought Point One (Projects) – a quintessentially British fitness and adventure brand specialising in distinctive outerwear and essential tools, and inspired by the Royal Marines’ high standard of excellence and performance.


Instagram: becomingthe0.1percent

LinkedIn: Gareth Timmins BSc (Hons) DipHE

Twitter: GarethTimmins

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