How to Navigate Change Leadership

by Philip Cox-Hynd (UK)

What with Britain’s looming fall out with Europe and the USA’s current fall out with the rest of the world, this year has been a very tumultuous time for business. On top of the general current of business of Britain’s shores being stronger and choppier than ever, there is the uncertainty caused by the unsustainable printing of money within our shores – euphemistically called quantitative easing (QE) – making for a wholly uncertain commercial landscape. Business leaders are being forced to have a quick and thorough rethink of their strategies, making it a time to position for survival if ever there was one in the face of the coming tectonic changes. And that involves the ability to manage one’s business through the change.

The worry is that Change Management (CM) initiatives are prone to failure when handled incorrectly. So during a period in which effective change can be the defining factor of a business’s survival, it is essential that leaders learn how to use CM to their benefit, and thereby avoid their demise.

Source: iCN Issue 20 (Executive Coaching); pages 33-34

About Philip Cox-Hynd

The co-founder of consultancy business Harley Young, Philip Cox-Hynd, dovetails his expertise in human development with strategy and process improvement in order to drive positive change in business. Philip’s expertise in business combined with decades-deep insight into human development led to him becoming a strategic and cultural change management expert. Through his company, Harley Young, the author has designed and implemented growth-led change programs for large and small corporations such as Barclays, Pfizer, Microsoft, Arup and Ella’s Kitchen. Find out more: