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As editor of ICN, Lovelia is responsible for approving articles that iCN subscribers read in our online magazine. She makes sure that everything in the publication is laid out in such a way that readers, subscribers, writers and advertisers are able to express and relate to one another. She also handles design and implement marketing and advertising campaign. Organise and run online product launches and liaising with other team members on a regular basis. Lovelia manages all iCN International journalists worldwide.

Why Aren’t You More Like Me?

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Discover the Secrets to Understanding Yourself and Others™ by Ken Keis, Ph.D. (Canada) Relationships are always about managing and working with expectations. One of the greatest contributors to how we show up and what we want from others in our relationships (no matter what the context) is our Personal

Relationship Coaching in the Work Environment

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by Malcolm Nicholson iCN Journalist (UK) For a large part of the global population, work has become one of the most all-consuming elements of human endeavour in the late C20th early C21st. Interpersonal relationships within the individual’s microclimate of the work environment are consequently imbued with a great deal

How Emotionally Tough Are You?

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by Barbara Roux-Levrat (Switzerland) How do you react when you miss your train? Or lose your Ray Bans? Or are facing bankruptcy? Do you immediately get angry? Like: ‘Life, can you give me a freaking break?!?!’ Or do you feel sad, like: ‘What a loser, you can’t even catch

All Relationships Start with Self

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by Katie Denyer (UK) One of our most basic needs as human beings is to be ‘in a relationship’ with another human being. Being ‘in relationship’, whether romantically, platonically, professionally or familially, can provide one of the deepest senses of fulfilment, connection and belonging. However, given that we can

Why Can’t I Experience Emotional Wellness?

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by Petra Juhászová (UK) We experience countless emotions during the day. They are physical and instinctive. Emotions have been hard-wired in us. Feelings, on the other hand, are associated with our reaction to an emotion that is personal and was acquired through experience. Our feelings are  created by our

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