Creating Teamwork and Trust

As part of our programme ‘Intelligent Thingking, Intelligent Action’ in Private Banking by Maria Biquet (Greece) In my previous article I shared our experience with our programme INTELLIGENT THINKING INTELLIGENT ACTION in Private Banking. The purpose of the programme was to bring Energy, Innovation and Action to the team

Unconscious Bias Blocking Career Success

by Chris Delaney (UK) The biggest barrier to professional success is the job interview. During the job interview, an interviewee must highlight how they meet the job criteria as well as overcoming the employer’s unconscious biases. A structured job interview is an analytical process to determine a candidate's potential

We Can Prevent Sexual Harassment at Work and We Should

My ‘Me Too’ Story… by Maria Biquet (Greece) In the last few months there has been a tremendous worldwide movement, revealing the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace. The ‘Me too’ movement was in the news, in social media, in newspapers, in hundreds of television discussions and this

Emmi’s Fear of Loneliness

by Barbara Roux-Levrat (Switzerland) ‘The idea of being alone terrifies me… makes me feel ashamed. I feel abandoned, like it’s the end of the world. I feel dead... unseen, unheard…. like I don’t exist.’ Why would a 37 year old European woman living in a safe society experience such

How to Choose the Best Model, Technique or Tool

by Mark Mudford (Australia) ‘To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.’ Abraham Maslow Choosing the right model, tool or technique is not easy. Out there, in the ‘real world’, it seems as if every website or social media group