Conflict Resolution: Negotiations and Problem-Solving

by Gary Gasaway (USA) To better understand how to deal with conflict is to focus upon negotiation and problem-solving skills. For negotiations to really be effective there must be joint problem-solving. Negotiations and problem-solving are not necessarily hard or soft, but they are a combination of each. Using both

Conflict Resolution

Do You Know How to Avoid or Resolve Conflicts in Your Relationship with Your Man? by Lyn Smith (UK) Today’s Tip - Resolving conflicts My ex-husband and I divorced after 23 ‘calm’ years, and I subsequently met my soul mate Paul, only to find that despite having a very

Matching with the Client

What Makes Us Build Genuine Rapport with a Client Automatically or … Never! by Maria Biquet (Greece) What is the first thing we notice when we meet a new person? According to a recent Harvard study the first thing our brains notice about a person is gender and race.

Take Control of Your Discovery Call

and Convert More Prospects to Paying Clients by Glen Oliveiro (Singapore) Nothing can compare to your passion to help your coaching clients overcome their obstacles and reach their goals. And nothing beats the sense of fulfilment you experience when they do. When a prospective client book that initial discovery

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