Improve Your Results with Appreciative Coaching

by Andy Smith (UK) A while ago I was interviewing a fellow coach for some research I was doing in creating an online course. Later that day I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had posted on her Facebook page: ‘What an amazingly enlightening conversation I had this

Why Assessments Are Critical Tools for Coaching

by Ken Keis (Canada) Everything in life centres on measurement—money, travel, time, age, weight, volume, temperature, stock indexes—the list is endless. This is true even in underdeveloped countries that use the rising of the sun and the moon and the changing of the seasons as measurements. However, our experience

Managing Expectations and Goals Setting

by Sylvia Pavlova (Bulgaria) Roots are the underground branches that spread out beneath plants and trees as anchors. They provide water and nutrients from the soil to feed the plant. But because roots are usually out of sight, many people don’t realise how long and vast they can be.

Building Up Your Framework for Coaching

by Risto M Koskinen (Finland) A plethora of training programs for coaching offer you a quick-fix, one-size-fits-all approach, “qualifying” you in 1-2 days and entitling you a specialised [pick your choice] coach, often with a nice acronym to be added after your name. This is not to say these

From Admiration to Incarnation

by Cedric Lefebvre (Belgium) “There is an innocence in admiration: it occurs in one who has not yet realised that they might one day be admired.” Friedrich Nietzsche When it's not about pride Often attributed to the hubris of the ancient Greeks or to the sin of pride as

Coaching Resilience and Authenticity with Pario Profiling

by Mark Oliver (Australia) Many psychometric instruments help to identify a person’s strengths and development areas, and those who can or cannot do a role. But more important are highlighting overused strengths and de-railers (extreme development areas) to gauge how people perform at work. This helps to identify accurately

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