How to Choose the Best Model, Technique or Tool

by Mark Mudford (Australia) ‘To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail.’ Abraham Maslow Choosing the right model, tool or technique is not easy. Out there, in the ‘real world’, it seems as if every website or social media group

A Powerful Mastermind Model for Group Coaching

by Carl Dierschow (USA) People struggle to understand the amazing value that group coaching can provide for their growth. They often expect that the experience will primarily ‘teach them something useful.’ This is likely based on classes, workshops, and years of schooling which emphasised a teacher/student model. But great

Teamwork: Not Just Surviving, but Thriving

by Gary R. Gasaway (USA) For years, I have witnessed many of my manager peers treat their employees unfairly, disrespectfully, and with truly little value. Thus, I also observed these same poorly managed and unsatisfied employees under perform in their jobs. Meanwhile, I was enjoying employee high moral and

Virtual Intercultural VUCA and the New Normal

by Malcolm Nicholson, iCN Journalist (UK) The scope of this article is to examine ideas around a new ‘How’ – how to deliver team coaching in a lockdown and post lockdown intercultural VUCA world. The ‘what’ that is delivered will depend on the client requirements, the unfolding variables and

Reinventing the Gig Economy

by Divya Parekh (USA) In the old days – maybe ten years ago – doing a gig meant your band got a date to play in a club or an actress landed a commercial she had to film. It was a one-shot deal and a way to share your

A Recipe for Transformation Within Team Coaching

by Dr. Keith Merron (USA) Over the last 35 years of coaching and consulting, I have coached individuals, built teams, and designed and delivered hundreds of workshops. My primary focus has been on working with leaders as both a coach and an organisation development consultant. My work as a

Because in a Group Everyone Matters

by Petra Juhászová (UK) ‘Community in groups occurs only when the individual members are collected in themselves and centred.’ Bert Hellinger Sometimes we think that we can do alone without the help of others. There are times we need to get off of our high horse and admit that

Want More Clients? Use This Amazing Tool

by Ruby McGuire (UK) When I first started my coaching business, I knew I needed to get myself and my business noticed. I was not overly familiar with online resources at that time, other than doing a simple Facebook post to promote something. I knew I needed to build