8 Tips to Hack Your Way to Greatness

8 Tips to Hack Your Way to Greatness by Anne Bachrach (USA) Rarely is anything an overnight success. It can take years of hard work before it pays off, and that can be a hard truth to accept. But there are tips and tricks, or habits really, that you

Unlock Your Creative Potential With Team Neetibisht

Unlock Your Creative Potential With Team Neetibisht Team NeetiBisht is organising their 4th annual award ceremony titled “ART KING & QUEEN-2023” and a juried exhibition at an Art Gallery and a Hotel in the vibrant city of Goa, from Nov 3rd until Nov 5th, 2023. Art is a medium

Become a Master Conversationalist

SECTION: WHAT TO READ Become a Master Conversationalist by Anita Byoma (Nigeria) For a moment, Picture yourself effortlessly connecting with others, building strong relationships, excelling in business dialogues, overcoming social anxiety, conquering difficult conversations,  and achieving your personal and professional goals. These can be achieved by ;Mastering the Art

Growing Your Coaching Business

Growing Your Coaching Business: The Effective Use of Discipline, Patience, & Commitment by Gary Gasaway (USA) I have helped many new life coaches; whether it’s mentoring them in setting up their business or acquiring clients (sometimes both.) When I mentor new coaches, I consider my own experience of over

Have More Prospects Say ‘YES’

Have More Prospects said ‘YES’ by Terri Levine (USA) Over the years we have developed a kind of secret sauce that quickly has our prospects say ‘yes’ to our services. I am sharing what we consider the holy grail of reasons we express to our clients. Put them to