Art of Self-Maximization

by Sanjeevv Khanna (India)

Book Excerpt

Art of Self-Maximization

Art of Self-Maximization

2 Pursuit of Meaning

‘Each of us has things we must do before we die. A meaningful life is one in which you deeply connect to your purpose. A person living life with purpose is a  hero who gets up every day with a clear sense of who they are and what they  are doing in the world.’

 ― Wayne Mellinger

The idea of living a meaningful life and determining what is meaningful is an age-old story. Marcus Aurelius, the Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD, struggled with the same question during his reign. It gives an immense power to feel a sense of purpose.

When someone has a purpose in life, they are more likely to have control of their lives. They demonstrate skills in building relationships and are always involved in personal development. When they are occupied with their activities, they tend to get so excited that they often lose track of time.

Life seems more satisfying for those who sense their life to be more meaningful. Finding meaning in life and designing a purpose enhances mental health, self-esteem, and self-confidence. It is common for people who know what they live for, what they do, and why to feel good about themselves We already know that having goals makes us happy. And a purposeful life helps us set short-term and long-term goals. People who have reached past their goals always carry positive emotions. Similarly, we always draw satisfaction by striving toward challenging and compelling tasks.

The importance of living a meaningful life

Meaningful living gives you a reason to live and something to strive for. When your life lacks any meaning, even getting out of bed in the morning becomes difficult, for nothing seems fulfilling. Dr. Ronald Siegel once stated, ‘In a study of 10,000 people in Hungary, researchers found a link between experiencing a strong sense of life meaning and a feeling of well-being.’ You feel better, take better care of yourself, and can be happier with a meaningful life. Moreover, a meaningful life is different from a busy life because the latter can be devoid of meaning.

Source: iCN Issue 39  (Career Coaching); pages 45-46

About Dr. Khanna

Dr. Khanna is a certified and registered Indian Director for Indian Boards and has over 30 years of corporate experience having worked with many high-profile Indian Corporate as well as Multinational Companies. In his distinguished career spanning over three decades, he has been instrumental in offering customised business solutions to multi-cultural and diverse industries.

He has also been a strategic advisor to numerous Boards and Top Management, providing guidance on Business Excellence, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability. He has been awarded the Honorary Doctorate for his services.

Dr. Sanjeevv Khanna is also a certified Human Resources Director, a Career and Life Coach certified by ICF, an NLP practitioner, and a Thought Leader. He founded the Academy for SelfMaximisation as India’s first licensed Ikigai coach, certified by the Ikigai Coaching Institute of the Netherlands.