By Cedric Lefebvre (Belgium)

When Arcimboldo painted his allegories of the four elements in 1566 and in particular, of earth, intermixing dozens of animal bodies and other objects to form faces in profile, perhaps he was trying to tell us – in addition to the surrealist pleasure he afforded us – that the identification of our strengths, their particular alchemy and their knowledgeable overlapping reveals the extent to which we are unique beings.  And that it is undoubtedly with this uniqueness forged in diversity that we should play with a filigree of passion.

Passion without reason…

Martha Graham once said “Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”. I agree profoundly with this sentiment. Passion enables us to transcend ourselves, to excel, to go beyond our own limits. Passion is the ultimate ingredient, one over which we have no control but which fills us with an immeasurable and necessary energy.  In the right dose, it is an inexhaustible, fuel – sustainable, economic and well-balanced.  Passion lets us live rather than just survive.  Integrated into professional life, it resolves the conflicting worry of balance with the private aspect of life by way of harmonious integration.

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.2  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 51-53

About Cedric Lefebvre

Cedric Lefebvre is a Business and Career Coach with a proven track record of delivering a range of complex projects covering business and leadership development. He approaches coaching with 25 years of experience within leading international organisations as an executive, team leader and independent consultant. Today he supports companies’ and individuals’ growth and flourishing, aligned with their own values and mission.

Cedric is an ICF certified coach and a registered psychologist who graduated from Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), where he specialised in applied psychology. He is also a photographer whose works have been featured, exhibited and published internationally. He is based in Brussels, Belgium and coaches internationally.

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