Petra Juhászová (United Kingdom)

Things are never what they seem to be. We all have different experiences and based on those experiences we develop our filters of the world. How I see the world is different from how you see the world. When you say ‘I want to get to know you.’ or ‘I want to be successful.’- mean different things to people. Though the words are the same, the sentence structure is the same; still, we can’t guarantee that the participants of the conversation mean the same thing. Why? Simple. Each person is unique, and their experience is unique to them. This is one of the beliefs of NLP.

It was a lovely bright autumn morning when people from all around the world were waiting outside the function room for one of London’s prestigious hotels in Kensington. Dr Richard Bandler was about to start his weeklong training to pass on his knowledge of NLP to the keen learners.

Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder, co-created Neuro-Linguistic Programming back in the 1970s. Their curiosity was sparked up by the observation that some people achieved outstanding results while others, with the same talent and circumstances, didn’t. They started studying this phenomenon.

NLP is the study of excellence which incorporates what’s going on in the individual’s mind (self-talk – the Neuro part), how they express their beliefs, thoughts (Linguistic) and how this all becomes a pattern (the Programming). This becomes our default response in certain situations when we are triggered by the stimulus.

Source: iCN Issue 27  (Using NLP in Coaching); pages 10-11

About Petra Juhászová

Transformational Life Coach, NLP Practitioner


Petra is passionate about helping people to reconnect with themselves and see how much control they have over their own life. Sometimes all, what’s needed is a little help. In her sessions, she uses different techniques to offer people the best possible way to progress on their journey. Her techniques are based on NLP, systemic constellations, mindfulness, EFT and other creative ways of helping people to get unblocked.

On her blog she shares her thoughts on different topics with the intention to inspire people.