The International Coaching News is not only one of the newest publications to hit the world of coaching, but it is now also the largest with a very interested subscriber database of over 20,000 educated and interested readers in 21 countries. International Coaching News has been developed to aid everyone with an interest in all areas of coaching and personal development; providing essential information for any practicing or future coach, Human Resource Manager or line manager; and encourages visitors and subscribers to interact with us on general points of interest and suggestions. ICN readers are mainly professional and aspiring coaches and middle to senior managers and are most likely in their 20s to 50s. They may just have started in a new company and would like to gain more self-esteem or strive to become a team leader or senior manager. They may also be someone who has learned and experienced coach training and is currently trading in the marketplace as a professional coach. We are looking forward to making a difference worldwide – both in the world of professional coaching and professional management.


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