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International Coaching News is an online magazine created by leading figures in the coaching world. It has been developed to aid everyone in all areas of coaching and personal development; provide essential information for any practising or future coach; and encourages visitors and subscribers to interact with us on general points of interest and suggestions.

International Coaching News is a quarterly online magazine which caters to a person’s need for self-development. ICN also delivers the latest news about the coaching world where coaches, future coaches and subscribers are always updated. With ICN, one will have the chances to read different perspectives in coaching, how and why coaching is disparate from counseling and therapy, and the profit one can gain with coaching not only as a way for personal development but also as a business advantage.

People behind International Coaching News

Gerard O'Donovan
Gerard O'DonovanFounder
Leeann Naidoo
Leeann NaidooDivision Head
Lovelia A. Caracut
Lovelia A. CaracutInternational Editor
Joyce Sy
Joyce SyDesign and Layout
Mariz Papas
Mariz PapasIT Support
Ioana Roxana-Cozma
Ioana Roxana-CozmaMedia Advertising Consultant (Romania/Spain)
Malcolm Nicholson
Malcolm NicholsonICN Journalist (United Kingdom)
Nadia Themistokleous
Nadia ThemistokleousICN Journalist (Cyprus/United Kingdom)
Shirley Wiggins
Shirley WigginsICN Journalist (United Kingdom)
Robert Larcher
Robert LarcherICN Journalist (France)
Rosen Rashkov
Rosen RashkovICN Journalist (Bulgaria)
Ian Pilkington
Ian PilkingtonICN Journalist (United Kingdom)
Rupinder Kaur
Rupinder KaurICN Journalist (India)
Maddalena Fumagalli
Maddalena FumagalliICN Journalist (Switzerland)
Anna Grechishkina
Anna GrechishkinaICN Journalist (Ukraine)
Blanca Perez
Blanca PerezICN Journalist (USA)