by Ruby McGuire (UK)

I don’t know about you, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable sharing things that you believe in when you think others might judge you.

For example, you might share your political views or your spiritual views, and then you worry what might people might think.

This article is a case in point. I want to share a tool with you that has the capacity to change how your client thinks. A tool that can help them to smash their limiting beliefs, blocks and emotions. This tool also allows you to install new empowering beliefs. We all love a good tool or technique to take our coaching to a new level, don’t we?

As I share with you what the tool is, you will either think it’s genius, or you will think that I’m a tiny bit (or a lot!) crazy. Yet, I have seen such amazing results and transformation with my clients using this tool. It’s my duty to share this technique with as many coaches and people as possible.

So what is it?

It is called Emotional Dowsing Technique, or EDT for short. It is a technique you can use to clear limiting beliefs, emotions and blocks that are keeping you, and your clients, stuck. The founder of EDT, Amanda Peet, says it is a powerful technique using an ancient tool of wisdom.

I trained in this technique with Amanda in December 2019, and I was the world’s first EDT practitioner. One of the ways I use it the most is to help clients to clear money blocks and attract dreamie clients into their business. Who does not want more success?

One client told me that she brought in a new 1k client the day after we had cleared her blocks. I have had other clients open the flow of clients and enquiries, often in one session. In other sessions we have cleared procrastination blocks, overwhelm, lack of self-belief and so much more.

Now, you may be familiar with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), with which there are some similarities. For example, you use words to create change, you don’t have to know what’s going on with the person, you don’t have to explore the trauma. It means your client can feel they are in a safe space. What needs to be cleared is revealed while using the technique. EDT works this way too.

Source: iCN Issue 32  (Coaching Tools, Techniques & Models for Coaching); pages

About Ruby McGuire

Ruby is a Business Mastery and Mindset Queen. She helps her clients to step up as Queens (aka CEO’s) of their business, by developing their leadership skills, mindset, and visibility.

She worked for 11 years in HR, ran her own HR consultancy business, and has run her own coaching practice for 7 years. She’s an IAPCM accredited senior coach, trainer, speaker, and author who has extensive business knowledge and is trained in NLP, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and EDT (Emotional Dowsing Technique).

She loves to write and has co-authored two books, her latest with the IAPC&M – How To Win & Keep Clients. She’s also written Ruby’s Little Book of Visibility Tips and is currently in the process of writing two more books. When she’s not working, you will find her out and about enjoying Scotland where she now lives, or at home with her husband, little dog, and chickens, surrounded by lots of books and a cappuccino in her hand.