Being Present with Oneself

by Gary Gasaway (USA)

A simple life consists of an interconnection within as well as the outside world. Unfortunately, many of us live our lives full of self-imposed barriers that seem to prevent us from experiencing even just the simple things in life.

So, why not live a simple life? Simply. Live.

How much of your time is spent worrying and not having balance in your life? Many of us worry about things that are not within our control. When we worry too much, we lose touch with life and all the wonderful things life has to offer. In other words – stop worrying, start living!

Dealing with daily adversities is hard for anyone, but if we learn to recognise life’s difficulties with a new attitude of ‘start living’ we can respond to life with a different set of eyes that look for opportunities to just simply – live.

To start living simply, you must think balance, embrace contentment, and be completely interconnected with oneself. Contentment matters for a peaceful soul. Having thoughts and feelings of simplicity is being comfortable and relaxed with your life. For everything to matter, contentment will allow you to savour each moment as it unfolds to allow your heart to feel it has everything you need to live simply.

Simply being present with oneself.

To find balance, you must be present. In being present with oneself, you must interconnect with your thoughts and feelings. Just to simply pause and reflect is to be in the present. To be intentionally present takes much focus and concentration. For everything to matter you must simply be present for all experiences – as they unfold.

Source: iCN Issue 22  (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); page 38

About Gary R. Gasaway

Gary is an author, keynote speaker, trainer, and a certified professional life coach As a retired manager from Southern California Edison, Gary used his natural talent for coaching and became a “corporate coach.”

He has previously published: The Coach’s Chronicles – A Journey Through Life’s Trials and Triumphs and The Coach’s Chronicles II – It’s Your Story! Start Writing it! Gary’s third book: The Coach’s Chronicles III – Everything Matters, was released in January 2018.

Gary has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organisational Management and a Master of Science in Leadership and Management. Gary is the founder and owner of Conflict Coaching Solutions