by Carl Dierschow (USA)

People struggle to understand the amazing value that group coaching can provide for their growth. They often expect that the experience will primarily ‘teach them something useful.’ This is likely based on classes, workshops, and years of schooling which emphasised a teacher/student model.

But great group coaching can be so much more valuable!

This is where it’s useful to leverage techniques often labelled as a ‘Mastermind group.’ Many may not be familiar with this term either, but even the name evokes an image focused more on expertise sharing and developing soft skills.

Essence of the model

Building on the Mastermind concept, I like to construct a group coaching program where each participant is learning, supporting, and helping everyone else. Each group session is structured:

  1. Reporting progress since the previous session
  2. Group work on the members’ issues
  3. Each individual setting goals for the coming weeks

As organiser and facilitator, my role is to take care of housekeeping details, and ensure everyone is engaged, authentic, respectful, and helpful.

I set up a group with clear ground rules:

  • Confidentiality: what’s said here stays here.
  • Helpfulness: the purpose is for this group to help you, so you must help others.
  • Involvement: everybody contributes

Source: iCN Issue 30  (Group & Team Coaching); pages 7-9

About Carl Dierschow

Carl Dierschow is a coach for leaders and owners of small businesses in the USA with Small Fish Business Coaching. He is an education leader for the International Coach Federation Colorado Chapter, and is a Certified Comprehensive Organisational Coach and Certified Leadership Coach.

Carl works with owners and leaders in companies which are making a powerful contribution to their communities, employees, and society. His blog, The Values Based Business, is rapidly gaining recognition for its support of companies which are based on powerful foundations based on deep values and a compelling mission.