By Bartosz Zieleźnik (Poland)

It is important we stop at some point in life and ponder how our actions and inactions have affected where we are currently and where we shall be in a few years from now. Life coaching is a great way to do just that. The coaching Suppoprocess should prompt you to ask yourself a few questions about your life that you probably have not thought before. You should be interested in knowing where you are now, where you are expected to be and where you may or may not want to be a short while from now.

Life coaching affords the individual to make positive changes that will help him or her achieve the set aims. Here are some life-changing questions your life coach should ask you to make it easy to achieve your goals and objectives in life.

  1. Are you happy with your current status or position in life?
  2. What is your biggest fear in life?
  3. What is your daily source of energy and joy?
  4. What/who are you grateful for?
  5. What word would you use to describe your last year?
  6. Where do you want to be in the next 5 years?
  7. How are you going to get to your destination?
  8. What is the most amazing thing that happened to you so far this year?
  9. Whom did you want to help but could not?

Source: iCN Issue 3 (Life Coaching); pages 30-32

About Bartosz Zieleźnik

Bartosz Zieleźnik is a freelance coach based in Poznan, Poland. As a truly self-made man, he worked as a waiter, teacher, editor-in-chief, project manager and team leader. Currently he runs a successful training and consulting business providing unusual solutions for usual problems.  Bartosz loves business games and challenging problems. He is also a certified life and business coach who excells in motivation, effectiveness and overcoming procrastination. He has completed many successful coaching processes with clients from all over the world. His hobbies include reading, jogging and squash. He is also an RPG nerd and an unstoppable gamer.